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Indie Comic Review: Sharpshooter #1

“If you miss that can, I won’t miss you.”


A while back I did a review of Megawoman by Godhood comics and expressed a desire to see more of the superpowered beings and otherwise superheroic types that dwelled in this world. Well, it seems like the folks at GHC read my review and responded with a character very reminiscent of two of my favorite superheroes. The blind archer and all-around badass Sharpshooter. So let’s get into it ….but first….


Our story begins with three d-boys running for their lives down the street in a hood in Atlanta, in terror might I add. They’re being attacked by an unseen assailant who uses arrows as their main form of attack. After disposing of the trash we get a nice shot of our hero Sharpshooter, followed by his origin story and the subsequent explosion that robbed him of his sight, Fiance and entire livelihood in on fell swoop. In an ironic turn of events, a start-up company he invested in years ago are the ones that repaired his body. With a visor that allows echolocation and advanced healing, he begins killing the criminal underworld in his city before discovering that something more sinister is brewing.


Writers Tyler Martin and James Couch are channeling both Daredevil and Green Arrow in this story and I couldn’t be any happier. Sharpshooter’s vengeance is just, righteous and furious, his voice sounds as determined as we would expect from a tragic vigilante and I love it. He’s a justifiably angry protagonist not just some “badass” in dark gear and a special skill set. The villains of this book or the ones we see are exactly what we would expect from an urban locale. Normal humans trying to make a dishonest buck, not some superpowered bank robber looking for attention which is kind of refreshing. The only issue I had was the censorship choices, words like ‘Hell’ and ‘Damn’ were censored for villains but not for Sharpshooter, not sure if that was an oversight or done for some other reason but it confused me a bit. Outside of that, I’m very excited for issue 2.


When I reviewed Mega Woman I noted that her costume had all the makings of an iconic outfit, the colors, the lighting effects the symbol all of it was a home run as far as costumes go. So I was a bit disappointed when Sharpshooter’s costume didn’t hit the same mark with me. I get that operating under the cover of darkness requires something more functional than flashy, but his costume looks like a star-fleet uniform without the symbol. It’s not a bad costume, but I was expecting a little bit more detail on it and maybe some tactical designs. With that said illustrator Ar En does a great job of bringing this to life and unlike a lot of other heroes he actually makes Sharpshooter, who is a world-class athlete, look physically imposing without making him a walking slab of muscle. This artist understands that most actual fighters don’t look like bodybuilders, En should send that memo to the rest of the comic industry stat because Batman usually looks off the roids.


Godhood comics continues to bring heat and the slow-growing of their characters will only help them become a force to be reckoned with in the indie comics game.


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This review was written by Ra'Chaun Rogers on behalf of Concept Moon Studios. If you enjoy his comic reviews click here for more!

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