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Concept Moon Studios was founded in June, 2017, by Brandon Didley and Cory Lewis, and later added Tochukwu Osakwe and Keith Watkins. The company objective is to become a major force in the publishing business with the vision to explore every standard of fiction and nonfiction literature, as well as verse literature and educational endeavors. The Concept Moon mission statement is to act as facilitators for readers both young and old to explore new and original worlds that include noir, superheroes, fantasy/sci-fi\, and everything in-between.

Concept Moon creators are leaders, innovators, and adventurers whose ingenuity is fueled by imagination and aspiration. Its utilization of mediums such as books, image panels, and digital media make it a contender in the publishing field, while its dedicated editors, publicists, and
marketers work constantly to bring out the potential of every project created. Teamwork compels success, and success is Concept Moon.

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B.D. Didley

CEO, Publisher, Editor-In-Chief

B. D. Didley is a former college football player and U.S. Air Force veteran who served his
country for 10 years before deciding it was time to take life in a different direction. He attended college in North Carolina and Florida majoring in Marketing, Public Relations, and


He chose to fully immerse himself in the world of content creation and publishing with the intent to create new, diverse worlds for readers to explore. He’s an avid comic/manga fan and hopes to show future creators that following their dreams can lead to a reality.


Cory Lewis

CFO, Publisher

Cory Lewis, an international amateur rugby player, and U.S. Air Force veteran, is co-founder of Concept Moon Studios. As VP, CFO, Author, and Deputy Publisher, Lewis is involved in all
aspects of the publication process.  


He brings a unique skill-set and a no-holds-barred attitude to the team, transferring his avidity and passion for life into concepts that combine realistic actions with software artifacts into book panels. This unique approach transports the reader to new and exhilarating phenomenon via their imagination where anything is possible.


Keith Watkins

Director of Anime & Manga

Keith Watkins is a native of Oakland, CA, and has a degree in film production from California State University. He has worked as a photographer, cinematographer, and writer while learning marketing, which he believes is vital to success in his chosen field.


Keith chose the media field because of its heavy focus on aesthetics and visuals. He has a passion for storytelling and believes there is beauty in all things, thus his passion for bringing it to life in various media forms. His love for anime is a testament to this philosophy.


Ra'Chaun Rogers

Director of Comics and Light Novels

Ra’Chaun Rogers is a writer, critic, and editor. When he's not working as a Financial Proxy Trainer, he's practicing Mixed Martial arts. In the winter of 2012 he published his first comic the Hierophants and in 2013 co-wrote the comic GodCell. In the spring of 2019 his comic Lawful Evil was published a project very near and dear to him about personal tragedy and growth.


Since then he has become the Director of the comics division of Concept Moon Studios. He will be debuting his original character The Rook in addition to publishing his novella Scrawl of Dreams I.


Tochukwu Osakwe

Lead Concept Artist

Tochukwu Osakwe hails from Awka, an Anambra state of Nigeria. He is a graduate of
Sociology/Anthropology from the University of Nigeria Nsukka. He is an illustrator at Concept Moon whose journey started as a hobby but grew into a fiery passion for illustration, comics, and character creation.


He is passionate about creativity and the high sense of achievement that comes from meeting objectives. Osakwe believes that artists should always study the works of
old and new artists to maintain an open mind that is not afraid to incorporates both worlds into
one of inimitable quality.

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