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PRiME Mini #1 The Return
  • PRiME Mini #1 The Return

    • the Age of Heroes was in its infancy one hero rose higher than the rest becoming Earth's Most Powerful Protector.


    His name was PRiME! Donning the blue tights and iconic gold cape. He proved time
    and time again his bravery and valor.


    While battling his nemesis Ultimus, the aftershocks of their epic clash tore a hole in the fabric of time itself swallowing them both whole.


    PRiME was lost...l has been well over 10 years since the event snatched away from our hero. Many thought he was gone forever many looked for him through all means of science and spirit. Until slowly he was forgotten and lost in the Aether.

    The world moved on.

    Until Now...

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