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After Image #1 (Digital)
  • After Image #1 (Digital)

    After Image is what Fort City needs. A champion. A fighter. A product of the very metropolis he seeks to keep safe.


    That's not how everyone feels though. Some see him as a threat to their illicit money-making ventures. Others view him as nothing more than a common superpowered "thug", wreaking havoc all across the city.


    Both parties will stop at nothing to destroy this "threat". Welcome to the world of After Image.


    After Image is the newest hero in the Concept Moon Universe!  After Image was created by our founder B.D. Didley and this issue was penned by the ultra-talented Robert Jeffrey II!


    Coming along for the ride is the government black-ops unit known simply as the Living Weapons Program.  Led by Lt. Col. Samuel Glory, this dark unit has toppled governments, killed dictators, and brought good ol American Freedom to some choice 3rd world nations.  Created by B.D. Didley and written by Adam Phillips, this is fun, fast-paced mini-comic series.


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