#HANDMADE from aquamarine, tourmaline, obsidian, & hematite

•protects against negative energy
•cleanses and transforms dense energy in to a lighter vibration
•truth enhancing
•activates toot and throat chakra
•enhances communication (self-expression)
•regulated the blood flow and supports circulation

I Love Africa (Elephant)


                    Concept Moon Studios

    is the newest minority/veteran-owned indie publishing company. Our mission is to become facilitators for readers both young and old to explore new original worlds from noir to superheroes to fantasy/sci-fi and everything


     What we are now: 

    Black-owned publishing company

    Veteran-owned publishing company

    What we aim to be?

    The top indie comic book company

    Contact Us

    Email: ADMIN@conceptmoon.com Phone: +1-919-300-4427

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