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The Cancelation of In Living Color

Beginning with season two, In Living Color cast and crew faced a host of new changes and dilemmas. From the appointment of owner, Rupert Murdoch, as Fox's new chairman, the resigning of Tamara Rawitt and the Wayanses resignation from the show.

In Living Color helped make Fox and by extension, FX, the powerhouses that they are today. They helped the network make $50 million in profit in 1990 after it had lost almost $100 million in 89 alone. Through the hard work and consistent viewership of black shows like ILC, The Sinbad Show, Roc, South Central and Townsend Television, the network was able to put money and time into developing shows that they were really interested in.

Though this is the end of the story for In Living Color, it's just the beginning of the story of the Wayanses. What if I told you that Damon, Shawn and Marlon, Wayanses that would go on to create their own production companies and properties, just like Keenen, would face the exact same treatment that their brother had years before. What if I told you that their shows would be used to gain a consistent black viewerbase and then abruptly canceled? What I told you that their properties would become complete classics and beloved by audiences while simultaneously being slammed by critics? What if I told you that Hollywood would attempt to censor the Wayanses only to take the Wayanses’ ideas without their permission and ruin them? Would you believe me? Of course you would. It’s the truth.

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