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Interview: This Is PopStew!

Updated: Nov 18, 2022

In a world where “Fake News” is a household phrase, media is nearly a four letter word, and entertainment is seemingly on the decline by many standards; we have a very interesting form of independent entertainment breaking the fourth wall of consciousness.

When you find yourself sick of the cookie cutter talk radio and news outlets feeding you regurgitated headlines and opinions, we branch out seeking a fresh voice. Podcasts of varying degree have sprung up across the internet speaking on nearly any and every subject one can imagine. We, here at Concept Moon, came across one such podcast that stood out amongst the hoard of start-ups eager to grasp your attentions. PopStew, we found it refreshing, hilarious, entertaining, with the cast being quite knowledgeable offering tidbits of themselves, their experiences, and STRAIGHT FACTS on whatever subjects cross their minds.

Every generation believes their generation had the corner market on what was cool and what defines them as a whole. PopStew jumps right into the heart of it all spanning generations. Popular culture topics mixed with movie reviews, games, and nostalgic appreciation. The cousins Aaron “AK” Ferguson and Christopher Stewart (Stewbert) come together with the occasional special guest in their periodical podcast with fun and an overall good feeling from the moment you press play.

CM: Why is the show named as it is?

AK: We talked about shows and pop culture... Chris (Stewbert) blurted out beef stew because it has everything in it.

Stewbert: A couple days later Aaron (AK) was like POP Stew.

AK: I wasn’t really feeling the beef because it was confusing so we like pop culture and we just threw the pop on stew.

CM: How did you two meet?

Stewbert: We’re cousins. We’ve been IN IT for a very long time. We’ve been having these conversations since childhood.

AK: I’d (Aaron) be over his house fighting a giant tree and that was the Ghostbuster’s Stay Puff Man. Like the best of duos there is history and a lot of it. The rapport is instant when you listen to the show and you feel like you’re sitting in on a private conversation. It’s almost as if they invite you into the family’s inner sanctum.

CM: What is your format for the show?

AK: We select a topic off the top of our head or some news drops and we just run with what we’d be talking about before we hit the record button.

CM: What is your vision for the show?

AK: As big as it can be.

Stewbert: We want to be successful but we understand there are other people who enjoy pop culture as much as we do.

AK: Hopefully we can be up there with Screen Junkies and Collider. The goal is to do this full time and not have to go anywhere else for work.

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This interview was conducted and written by T.M. Vornes on behalf of Concept Moon Magazine and Concept Moon Studios.

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