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Interview: Jenesis Scott

Guerilla Film Making:

The Breakdown...

An Interview about Filmmaking with Jenesis Scott

Location: Somewhere in the Boogie Down...

Concept Moon: What is Jenesis studios?

Jenesis Scott: Jenesis Studios is an independent multimedia company. We specialize in all things media. Film, photography, tv... the arts.

CM: Where is the line between Independent creators and Hollywood?

JS: Independent is anything you do without the backing of a major company in the creation of the product. I think it’s that simple. I mean you can create something independently and THEN because of its success companies will want to buy it up and mass produce it or redistribute it.

CM: What led you to filmmaking?

JS: Music led me to filmmaking. Music has always been my first love and I went to school for music. I was doing live recordings and then I took a final cut class as part of an elective for my major and we had a project and I accidentally did the wrong thing and I ended up learning how to do final cut in one night. After that I started making really epic videos for the class. It got to the point where when we did an assignment, I would premiere my video and like 50 students would be waiting to view my work. Then I started getting contacted by the school to

do projects for them. I found that film incorporated all of my arts. Painting, music, writing and others. I found that I really enjoyed it and decided I should go this route. It became my new love.

CM: Do you prefer to write or be behind the camera?

JS: Well writing always. I write every single day. I’ve written every day since I was five years old.

CM: What are some of the aspects of being behind the camera that you appreciate?

JS: Being able to control images to create a story. Being able to control the narrative. There has been a great deal of coverage over the past few years about #OscarsSoBlack. Is there room for a POC and women of color to shine outside of the race for an Oscar?

“I’ve always said you should never be after monetary success or awards. The focus should be on telling the best story possible. When you do that you touch the right people. When you do that you’ll always reach success. Then everyone can eat and everyone can shine. There are some things today that are really popular that will never make it “on” but has affected the culture and pop culture. You just have to be looking for and focusing on the right thing. YOU define what is success, no one else.”

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This interview was conducted and written by T.M. Vornes on behalf of Concept Moon Magazine and Concept Moon Studios.

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