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Indie Comic Review: Blackfire #1

"The Hottest Chick in the Game returns"...


For a while now Advent comics has been putting together the indie comics equivalent of Crisis on Infinite Earths. It has featured several characters from outside of the Advent universe and at the same time cleverly introduced new in-universe characters. One such character is Blackfire, elemental hero and "Hottest chick in the game" so let's get into it with the Blazing Brown boss b****. But first...

*Spoiler that ish*


Our story begins with our heroine in the hospital, though thankfully she’s not injured. Her former partner Seawolf is recovering from an ass-kicking and two bullets to the dome. We get some backstory on their first meeting as well as Blackfire’s early beginnings. We learn that she was the parents of a pair of geneticists, who adored her. At a young age, she contracted a rare blood disease and in order to save her, her parents had to give her away to the super-agent government organization C.H.A.N.G.E. From that point on she’s a teenaged weapon for the United States government. Her flashback is interrupted when a group of villains calling themselves Force Majeure burst through the wall like the Kool-Aid man with the sole purpose of collecting SeaWolf’s body and killing anyone who gets in their way. Of course, this doesn’t sit well with Blackfire who makes a valiant effort to stop them despite being outnumbered seven to one. She battles with the gang of criminals until she gets some help from an unexpected source and can turn the tide of battle.


Tony Kittrell has created a universe chook full of, colorful characters and pain-bringing powerhouses. His use of modern phraseology also doesn’t sound forced or corny, like when Blackfire blasts Foxfire away and says “Bitch Bye” invoking a sort of Misty Knight meets Beyoncé vibe. Kittrell has a great grasp on each character’s individual voice, which is very impressive considering he has so many of them in the Advent universe. The great part of this issue is that even the flashback sequences feel organic, Blackfire is speaking to her unconscious friend about why he’s so important to her and they definitely had a Batman and Robin relationship in her younger days, a team-up I’d be very interested in seeing some time in the near future.


Florentino Cuevas and J. Brown do a good job of bringing these characters to life. Advent has an old-school, 90’s feel that makes even the newest of characters feel familiar. The fight scenes are very well done and have a lot the panels subtlety recreate iconic scenes from the big two but don’t outright bite from them. The coloring again has a 90’s nostalgic quality to them that, again, creates an air of familiarity with characters the reader may not know. It’s another very impressive thing Advent manages to do often and well.


I’m a big fan of this comic book universe and if there is anymore Blackfire around the corner you better believe I’m game.


As always if you enjoyed the review please take the time to support! You can purchase noth digital and physical issues here!


This review was written by Ra'Chaun Rogers on behalf of Concept Moon Studios. If you enjoy his comic reviews click here for more!

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