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Indie Comic Review: Nia Griggs #0

Updated: Dec 12, 2019


I have been making my rounds with the bevy of black superheroes comics from Spirits Destiny to Megawoman, so I’d be remiss if I didn’t share this little gem with the masses Nia Griggs and the Kemetic Sisterhood of Science. The tale of a woman granted extraordinary abilities in order to protect the world from rogue science, let’s begin, shall we?


Our story begins with a group of homegrown American terrorists robbing an ‘abandoned’ factory in Detriot, which is probably some sort of government research facility disguised as a factory. They attempt to come in under cover of nightfall only to be thwarted an army jeep flying through a brick wall courtesy of our title character. Flashback to one hour ago and our title character is arguing the musical styles of Esperanza Spaulding with her co-worker Greg. After she playfully threatens him with violence for disagreeing with her, go figure, she is reminded that she is entertaining several guests at her apartment and not at work. After a re-up of wine, Nia is summoned by her other boss, Oronike who informs her of the robbery promoting her to transform like Shazam into an amazonian powerhouse and leaps into action while confronting the terrorist she runs into their leader who has ingested whatever top-secret super-soldier serum the ‘factory’ working on. After a little villainous grandstanding the terrorist leader attempts to engage her, and keels over from a heart attack. Nia saves his life but not before hilariously knocking him out.


Nia Girggs is a fun but short comic it feels a little rushed and frankly a bit unfinished. With that said the voice of the characters of Nia and Greg sound authentic, these are two people who are not only fans of music but have a critical ear for sound. I’ve always enjoyed journalist characters in comics would have liked to see more of Nia and Greg at work, being both music journalists and black, as we rarely if ever see characters like that in funny books. There are a few interesting mysteries in this book, such as where Nia’s powers came from, who Oronike is and most importantly of all who the Kemetic sisterhood of science is and how many members do they have.


I really enjoyed the art fort this book, there is a Mike Mignola, which Bridgit Connell brings to the book. Nia looks stunning invoking shades of Wonder Woman and She-Hulk, she is imposing, to say the least. The monster that the terrorist morphs into is also expertly designed having the most Mignola-esque design in the book. Connell also does a great job of making sure that the black characters in the book have black features and aren’t just white people with a color swap. Lastly, I’d like to applaud her lettering especially when it came to the sound effects in the book, which pop off the page in a way similar to Frank Quietly’s.


I enjoyed this book, but I felt it was too short and that a few more things could have been added to it just for the sake of the story. I look forward to more tales in the Nia Griggs universe.


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