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Indie Comic Review: Mine to Avenge #2


I’ve been doing a lot of issue # 2 reviews so it wouldn’t be fair if I didn’t review Evoluzione’s Mine to Avenge # 2 written by Robert Jeffery. To recap the first issue featured two operatives of the Priya and Travis rescuing a young girl from the Tunguska region of Russia, where a cult plans to sacrifice her to their god. We were also made shown several flashbacks following the creator of the Cabal, Leah who escaped a group of vampiric beings who preyed on black people in the past. Now that we’re mostly caught up let’s dive into the second installment of Mine to Avenge and as always

*Spoiler that ish*


Our story begins in the Swiss Alps in the year 2154 where a group of supernatural beings sits at a round table rehearsing for a monster squad remake, nah they sit around discussing how they’re going to get back to power. The Lauralies a group of immortal beings, attempt to give them a plan for rising back to prominence and subjugate humans as they did in centuries past, of course, that doesn’t’ go very well and a number of the monster mash crew end up dead. Cut to Layla a young mercenary who is about to pull a jack move on another group of mercenaries who have stolen a group of kids. She successfully gets the children to safety but ends up being outnumbered until Travis and Priya kick in the door and proceed to gun down the mercs with some help from Layla’s hard light A.I. Idris. After some arguing and a bit of banter, we are treated to another flashback, Leah the young woman who started the Cabal is on a mission to hunt the Lauralies with her mentor Father Daily. Here we see the extent of the depravity perpetrated by this family (The Lauralies) where the bodies of black children lie lifeless in what appears to be a torture chamber, and it is here where Leah swears vengeance.


Finally, we get a clearer picture of this world. The first issue gave us great action but little else to go on in terms of what is going on. Thanks to this issue we know that the Lauralies are some sort of vampiric or cannibalistic creatures and they are not alone, as traditional vampires, werewolves and other horrors dwell in the shadows of this world. Where they come from and how they’ve survived for centuries would make a great spin-off book, that being said the flashbacks are a bit jarring in that they seem like they come from a different book and might better serve as two different books in the same universe. Don’t get me wrong I love the back story, but I’d rather read an entire story of Leah fighting the Lauralies and forming the Cabal in its own comic while having the adventures of her descendant and the Cabal in different comic. All that aside Jeffery continues to tell an action-packed cyberpunk thrill ride of a story, so that’s a plus.


Mateo Illuminati continues to illustrate a sleek, smooth, kinetic book. As always, the fight scenes are the visual stars of this book, being fluid, well-paced and entertaining. So many comics have action scenes that don’t really convey a sense of movement and excitement in their panels, more looking like still frames of slow and rehearsed actions. Now the since comics are of course still frames the fact that Illuminati can make them feel like a scene out of John Wick is amazing and a testament to his ability.


Evoluzione has another hit on their hands with this book and I look forward to more from this universe in particular. If they keep producing work with this level of quality they’re going to be giving Image a run for their money.


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This review was written by Ra'Chaun Rogers on behalf of Concept Moon Studios. If you enjoy his comic reviews click here for more!

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