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Indie Comic Review: Mega Woman #2

Updated: Dec 29, 2019


Last month I reviewed Tyler Martin’s God-born superhero story MegaWoman issue 1. A tale of family, heroism and what it means to be human. In issue 2 we delve deeper into the origins of our title character and the strange prophecies surrounding her birth. As well as the existential question, what is the nature of a God?

*Spoiler that Ish*


Our story begins where it left off, wait no it doesn’t, it beings in 1992 where Hera the queen of the Greek gods is not only still around but also screaming at the Fates like a woman named Karen looking to speak to a manager. After her threats fail to get her what she wants she leaves and we are transported to the present. Here our heroine Keisha Carter aka Megawoman is frantically searching for her father under a pile of rubble that used to be a bank. After the president of the United States called an air-strike on supervillain Captain X and Megawoman respectively. Megawoman’s stepfather Leon had also gone into the bank, was caught in the blast and is now nowhere to be found. After Keisha’s mother, Amanda, attempts to get inside to see if her daughter and husband are okay, Megawoman carries her father out of the rubble and flies off to either cool her head or exact revenge.


The exposition dump at the beginning of these Megawoman comics is a chore to read. I get that we need to know some of this background info, but showing us instead of telling us would have made for a smoother start and a much better intro to the back story of our protagonist. Once we do get into the meat of the story it feels like things have slowed down. This exposition, however, does give us a nice monologue about the nature of Megawoman’s godhood. The rage and wrath that boils in her heart and her willingness to attack those who caused her father harm, meaning she’s willing to go Kingdom Come Superman on the US government. Though the issue was 27 pages it seemed a little shorter than the first issue and that’s probably because this was much lighter on action than issue 1. I'm not saying that’s a bad thing but, issue 1 set a precedent I expected Issue #2 to follow through on.


Rafael Gumboc and Andre Campos continue to provide beautiful art for this book. Gumboc provides clean pencils and inks, that create the classic superhero stature in our heroine and Campos’ vibrant colors bring to life. The light coursing through Megawoman’s suit is a great stylistic choice, it makes me think of Shazam and Black Adam, but doesn’t feel like blatant copyright infringement. The facial expressions of the characters are also done with great detail and care, they convey expertly what doesn’t need to be said during scenes of great tension.


This issue wasn’t bad but felt a bit deflated after such a high octane action-packed first issue. I surely hope issue 3 brings that action back.


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This review was written by Ra'Chaun Rogers on behalf of Concept Moon Studios. If you enjoy his comic reviews click here for more!

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